In a world where communities are no longer confined to geographic boundaries, the need for collective impact and the pursuit of peace and prosperity for all is more crucial than ever. The Community Impact Fund, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, envisions “Prospering ‘Communities’ Worldwide” by fostering financial well-being for all. We firmly believe that when organizations within a community thrive, the entire city prospers. In line with this vision, our organization is committed to making a meaningful difference in the lives of people, transcending geographical limitations.

The recent news highlights the urgent importance of our mission. According to an article by Antonio Pequeño IV, a Forbes staff member, Americans are currently facing an alarming trend in auto loan delinquencies. As of October 2023, a staggering 6.1% of subprime auto borrowers are at least 60 days past due on their loans, marking the highest percentage in nearly three decades. This sharp increase in delinquencies is a significant cause for concern and requires immediate attention.

Several factors contribute to this alarming rise in auto loan delinquencies:

  1. Higher Car Prices: The pandemic-induced computer chip shortage has caused car prices to skyrocket. As a result, many individuals are struggling to afford their vehicle payments, putting them at risk of falling behind on their loans.
  2. Rising Interest Rates: Interest rates remain higher than usual, making auto loans less affordable for borrowers. The federal government initially lowered interest rates during the Covid-19 pandemic, but recent forecasts suggest that high interest rates will persist through 2026.
  3. Inflation: Continuing high inflation rates have further exacerbated the problem, making it even more challenging for individuals to meet their financial obligations.

It is essential to recognize that these auto loan delinquencies are not isolated incidents. They are early indicators of the negative impacts of macroeconomic headwinds, which can have a ripple effect throughout our communities.

The demographics most affected by these auto loan delinquencies are Generation Z and millennials. Both generations have seen auto loan delinquency rates rise significantly, surpassing pre-pandemic levels. For those with less than perfect credit, interest rates for used cars are averaging 13.5%, but can surge as high as 21%. This places a heavy burden on young borrowers, making car ownership increasingly unaffordable.

At The Community Impact Fund, we believe that financial well-being is the cornerstone of prosperous communities. By addressing the challenges posed by rising auto loan delinquencies and their underlying causes, we can make a real difference in the lives of individuals and families.

Our organization is dedicated to supporting those in need, providing financial education, and collaborating with partners to create programs that alleviate the burdens faced by those affected by auto loan delinquencies. We understand that thriving communities require the collective effort of organizations, governments, and individuals to ensure that no one is left behind.

As we work towards our vision of Prospering “Communities” Worldwide, we invite you to join us in this mission to promote financial well-being for all. Together, we can ensure that cities, organizations, and individuals alike can prosper, breaking down the barriers that hold us back.

The Community Impact Fund is committed to this vision, and we stand ready to make a difference in the lives of people, no matter where they are, in a world where “communities” are everywhere.