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Join today! Your membership dues are covered by making a minimum donation of $10 (tax-deductible donation to CIF as a 501(c)3 Nonprofit). Your donation helps us with our mission of financial well-being for all and gives you access to all CIF member benefits. Members are granted access to financial education resources including monthly newsletters, webinars, and online tools.  Note: Impact Loans are only available through partner websites and not directly through CIF Member section. 


How It Works

Become a Member Today

Join today by paying annual individual membership dues of $10. Your dues will cover one year of membership, giving you access to all CIF member benefits and help us with our mission of financial wellbeing.

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You will be directly involved in helping yourself and others break the chains of debt and find financial well-being. Take advantage or our regular webinars and enjoy our educational resources. 

You and Your Community Begin to Thrive!

Your dues will not just give you access to resources, but through supporting the CIF Impact Loan Program, will be multiplied to help future generations create healthier local economies for years to come.

For members paying annual dues, members will receive a notification 30 days before membership expires each year to pay for next year’s dues and maintain CIF membership.