We Help Organizations Maximize Impact

By Meeting the Needs of their Employees, Members, Customers and Communities

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Identify and Meet Needs

Be a Hero to your community by meeting their real and immediate needs including home repairs, medical bills, transportation or basic needs. 

Make a Greater Impact

This is not your typical CSR program. Turn your employees and customers into your cause by meeting their basic needs.

Transform Your Community

Leave a true legacy in your community that will outlast you and your business while you find both Success AND Significance 

Your Community is Facing a Serious Crisis

Financial Hardships are causing many of your Employees, Members, Customers and Community to…

  • Have Negative Cash Flow
  • Struggle to Pay Basic Needs
  • Have little to no savings
  • Pay 25% of their income servicing debt
  • Pay late and overdraft fees monthly
  • Are not able to save for the future
  • Are just trying to survive!
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We know that it’s completely overwhelming to think about the huge task of solving for financial scarcity. However, what if it is not the Government, Churches or Nonprofits who have the ability to solve for financial scarcity in your community, but instead it was your Organization?

Highly-skilled, independent professional freelancer.

The reality is that Your Organization was Made to Impact!


We can help you identify needs within your own value chain that your organization can solve.


We can help you be the organization in the community who facilitates impact by meeting needs.


We can help you to measure the impact so that it can be used with your key stakeholders


We can help you create compelling impact stories that can be shared with the community.

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Are You Wondering How It Works?  

Our team will walk you step by step through how to increase your impact.  It starts with being able to identify and meet needs, but there is no limit to your impact.

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Below is how it works in 4 Easy Steps..


Launch Your Community Board

Our team can help you design and launch what we call a “Community Board” in which your employees, members, customers and community can apply to have their needs met.  It is fully anonymous as to ensure privacy and respect of their dignity. 


Crowdfund to Meet Needs

Collect and Publish real Needs (Housing, Transportation, Healthcare, Childcare, Basic Needs) of your employees or members in a campaign that can be crowdfunded for.   All contributions to needs at fully tax deductible as Charitable Giving.


Automatic Distributions

Distributions of funds are fully handled by our team and are made directly to the individuals approved need ensuring that the use of funds will go to the intended purpose and maximum impact.


Scalable Impact

Impact your employees, members, customers and community in a way never before thought possible. Instead of writing a check to a cause you make your own value chain the cause. The difference is huge!

Our Offer to You

Here is what you get…

  • A Custom Branded Community Board
  • Fully White Labeled Materials and Messaging
  • Technology to Crowdfund for Needs
  • Tax deductible giving to your employees, customers, members and community.
  • Automated Engagement Tools
  • Full Service (Done for You) Corporate Benevolence Program
  • Full respect to the privacy of your participants
  • Detailed Monthly Reporting
  • Impact Stories that can be used in your marketing and PR efforts to tell the story of your impact.
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What Does Impact Look Like?  

Meet Colleen Wilkins and her beautiful family.  Like many of us, Colleen was dealing with some very challenging life circumstances and was at the end of her capacity to stay ahead.  With the help of a loving group of friends and The Community Impact Fund, Colleen’s story is starting to turn around.    


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