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42% of American Households are Struggling Financially

  • Have negative cash flow
  • Struggle to pay basic needs
  • Have little or no savings
  • Pay 25% of their income servicing debt
  • Pay late and overdraft fees monthly
  • Are just trying to survive!

We Help Churches Maximize Impact

A Proven and Turnkey Way to “Do Well” by “Doing Good” 

Identify Needs

We can help you identify needs within your own value chain that your organization can solve.

Facilitate Impact

We help your organization meet the needs of your employees, customers and members.

Measure Results

We can help you to measure the impact so that it can be used with your key stakeholders.

Share Stories

We can help you share the stories of impact that you helped create with your key stakeholders

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Ways to Make an Impact

There are three primary ways that you can partner with us to Make an Impact

Make a Donation to CIF


Your financial support helps our team continue to innovate and deliver scalable solutions to the biggest problems that our communities face.   Financial Well-being is the one thing that leads to maximum impact. 


Sponsor a Community


Give Today to support the needs of your community.   You can setup a Community Impact Fund for any organization that you want to benefit.  It could be a local Church, School, Business or your favorite non-profit. 


Launch a Community


 Are you an Executive of a Church who wants to impact your employees, customers or members?  Setup your own Impact Loan fund to start meeting the needs of your community. 


How it Works

Providing Impact Loans to Meet the Needs of Your Community

1. Provide Impact Loans to Your Community

An Impact Loan is a 0% interest charitable loan – interest free forever.  It helps to bridge cash flow and pay emergency expenses without accruing extra fees or high-interest debt.

2. Allow a Flexible Payback to Solve for Cash Flow

Many people can’t afford to pay back loans on time because they have no savings.  Impact Loans offer flexible repayment options and terms to help your community bridge their cash flow.

3. Automatically Help Your Community Save

Repayment is set up automatically from recipient’s bank account and 10% of each payment helps build emergency savings for any unforeseen emergencies directly at your Credit Union.

Calculate SAVINGS

How Much Can Be Saved With An Impact Loan?

Estimate what someone would pay for a loan with poor credit versus great credit and how much could be saved with these Impact Loans.

Amount Borrowed
Current Interest
Your credit rating
Savings Incentive
Total Savings
Help Your Community

Get Free From Debt

We want to empower everyone in our community to flourish and experience financial well-being.

Living just above the Federal Poverty Line is a cross-section of families and households who are struggling financially unable to meet basic needs. They must choose between paying rent or filling a needed , fixing the car or buying groceries. In fact, 67% of families in our community are falling behind financially every month.

Though not labeled as living in “poverty” under the government definition, they are nonetheless struggling financially to survive. These families are not frivolous with their money. They are employed, and yet still struggle to meet their most basic needs, forcing them to make impossible choices – deciding between quality child care or paying the rent – filling a or fixing the car.

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As a solution, many people turn to Payday loans, Credit Cards, and other high-interest debt with extremely high-percentage rates and late fees, making a short-term problem a long-term burden.

They are your neighbors, friends, family members, co-workers, and those you sit next to in church. They make up almost a third of the households in America.

We have a solution. It’s called an Impact Loan.

It’s a 0% interest charitable loan – interest-free forever – with a flexible payback plan where 10% of each payment is given back to the borrower to help build emergency savings. This loan helps to bridge cash flow and pay emergency expenses without accruing extra fees or increasing high-interest debt.

This gives us an opportunity to meet the very real needs in our communities while also restoring dignity back to those receiving the funds. This is the key to prospering communities worldwide.

Changing Lives One Family at a Time

What Our Impacted Communities Say

Not having to worry about rent while I search for a job has really helped. I’m able to support my family in a manner that is not so burdensome to me financially. Although I am still actively searching and getting closer to acquiring income, this has helped my situation more than anything else.

One Grateful Employee

The Community Impact Fund took so much stress and worry off my shoulders and helped me get my health back on track. Compared to other places that provide support and help, this one feels the most impactful. It is the most reliable and I’m glad there is an actual person behind the screen helping.

A Son Caring For His Parents

What Does an

Impact Story Look Like?

Meet Colleen

Colleen Wilkins and her beautiful family are a typical ALICE household.  Like many of us, Colleen was dealing with some very challenging life circumstances and was at the end of her capacity to stay ahead financially.  With the help of a loving group of friends and The Community Impact Fund, Colleen’s story is starting to turn around.