We’re here

To Partner with You

for Financial Well-Being For All

Partner With the Community Impact Fund

Credit Unions, Employers, Churches, and Membership Organizations partner with the Community Impact Fund to help their communities thrive financially. This partnership invites members of your organization to recieve help to meet their basic needs when faced with an unexpected financial hardship.

Our Mission

Financial Well-Being For All

A Giving Cyle

We were all made to make a difference in our communities. But when we are buried in debt and overwhelmed financially, it is difficult to see beyond our own basic needs. We want to help individuals climb out from under this weight, and get free from debt, starting saving, and become a generous giver. Then we can all help our communities thrive and enjoy financial well-being for all.


1. Borrow

Cover cash flow needs and emergency expenses.


2. Save

Have enough cash on hand to cover any of life’s unplanned surprises.


3. Give

Make an Impact by giving back and helping others find Financial Well-Being.

What Does Financial Well-Being Look Like?

Control over your day-to-day and monthly finances

Ability to cover emergency expenses

On track to meet all of your financial goals

Freedom to make the choices that make you happy


We’re a Backbone Support Organization

The Community Impact Fund (CIF) is an independent 501(c)3 non-profit established in 2017 to help Credit Unions maximize their community impact by meeting the needs of their employees, members and community. We provide the leadership, technology and support to Credit Unions that allows them create Financial Well-Being for all

Our Mission:  To help Credit Unions meet the needs of people in their community by providing education and technology to create sustainable and scalable community impact.

Our Vision:  Prospering “Communities” Worldwide

Core Values:  Embrace Community, Respect Dignity, Meet Needs, Collective Impact, Live with Intention, Never Settle