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Link for credit union members’ free access to The Community Impact Fund: 

Use this link to give your members free access to CIF membership. Each member will be prompted to create a unique login. 

Important Links:

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Internal Team

FOM File Upload Form

Click Here to access the Field of Membership file upload form. Please include: First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone, and name of Credit Union. Send the file to us on a regular cadence. If sent by the 1st of each month, the new members will receive that month’s newsletter.

We would recommend bookmarking the direct link:

Staff Training One-Pager

Click Here to download a one page document to be used with internal teams. The purpose of this document is to introduce team members to CIF. It gives general information about CIF as well as Individual Member Benefits and the onboarding process.  

Required Member Consent Statement

Click Here to see an example of member consent wording to integrate into your new member application process. You are required to integrate this into your membership application.

Member Facing

CIF Email Welcome Letter

Click Here to see the text from the email that a new member will receive once they are added to our membership. Use excerpts from this letter if needed in your new member welcome packet.

Informational One Pager

Click Here to view the informational one-pager. Excerpts from this document can be used for your new member communications or you can provide it as an attachment or enclosure to your new member packets.

QR Code Graphic (Free Sign Up Link)

Click Here to download a PNG Graphic of the QR Code that will allow a member to sign up as a CIF membership for free. The QR Code directs them to this URL listed at the top of this page for free membership signup.

CIF Related

CIF Due Diligence Documents

Click Here to view:

  • CIF ByLaws
  • EIN Letter
  • Certificate of good standing from the State of Colorado
  • Certificate of Liability Insurance
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • W-9
  • Information Security Policy
CIF Branding and Logos

Click Here to view CIF branding guidelines and find downloadable CIF logos.

CIF ACH Transfer Instructions

Click Here to view CIF ACH transfer instructions for your annual payment to CIF.