From the Beginning

Our Story

The passion that catalyzed the vision

Our Story

Over the Years

Meet Judah Musick

Judah Musick is the Executive Director of The Community Impact Fund and will share the story of how and why it was founded


Impact Portland

 Judah explains a time period in 2007 of a group of leaders working to Impact the City of Portland



  An important connection to YouVersion the Bible App in 2009 starts a journey of impact


Master of Code

Learn how a referral to a Ukrainian software team unlocked a vision for community impact

What We Learned

Vanity Metrics vs Transformed Communities

One major thing we learned was the difference between vanity metrics and true community impact


Building a Platform

For a period of 7 years Judah focused on Design Thinking, Lean Startup and Agile Development

December 9th 2017

The Christmas Store

Hear the story about how a simple idea of a Christmas Store uncovered a major opportunity to impact

What We Learned

The Hidden Problem

Discover how 45,000 households in the 4th highest income county in the US can be living in poverty

What We Learned

The 3 Keys to Dignity

We learned that there are 3 keys to dignity are essential to prospering communities worldwide

January 2018

CIF is Established

The story of how a simple pilot project amoung friends led to The Community Impact Fund

What We Learned

The Key to Scalable and Sustainable Community Impact

After sharing our story in the community,  we learned the keys to scalable & sustainable impact

About CIF

About The Community Impact Fund Today

Learn about CIF today.   Judah shares our WHY, Mission, Vision, Core Values and an Opportunity to Impact

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