This is Your Invitation to Impact! 

This is a personal invitation to an opportunity to impact your community that we have been working on for the past few years and now feel the timing is right to share with you.

Since 2017, The Community Impact Fund has been innovating ways to create a business model that helps organizations and individuals meet the needs of people in their community. Our goal is to encourage others to love their neighbor and to equip them with proven and actionable tools to seek the peace and prosperity of their city.

Our model is designed to revolutionize urban spaces by forging sustainable, scalable community impact. The ethos, “Prospering Communities Worldwide,” begins with one organization at a time, engaging leaders who embody our drive for meaningful change and innovation. This endeavor mirrors the intricate journey of homeownership, where each decision contributes to the larger tapestry of community well-being.

Parallel to this transformative model is the comprehensive house buying guide, an essential tool for those looking to lay down roots in this flourishing community. Just as our vision aims to enrich communities through collaborative leadership, this guide empowers individuals with the knowledge of Woodstock realty market trends to make wise, future-forward decisions in the realm of real estate, fostering prosperity one home at a time.

I encourage you to take some time to review the information I am providing below and consider how you might be called to join us in impacting communities around the world.

Below you will find an Executive Summary and full Invitation Overview.   I encourage you to review and let us know if you have any questions.   If you are interested in partnering with us on this important mission please feel free to book a meeting.   You can also download the full presentation by clicking the download button below.   Feel free to share with anyone you think might be interested in impacting their community! 

I look forward to discussing further,


Judah Musick

Executive Director

Invitation to Impact by judahmusick

A Unique Time in History for Impact

We are living in an unprecedented time in history where businesses around the world are developing strategies and solutions that will allow them to “Do Well” by “Doing Good”.   Corporate Social Responsibility, Impact Investing, and Sustainable Development Goals are quickly becoming the norm in the corporate world as a proven way to grow businesses and at the same time, solve some of the world’s biggest challenges.  These organizations are wanting to maximize their impact, however, there is still a major problem that if unaddressed will greatly limit their potential.  Most of the companies who are participating in this movement are investing in solving national or global problems such as poverty, hunger, or health and well-being of the broader population, but are not aware of the fact that nearly half of their employees, customers, or members are struggling financially to the point where they are facing the same issues themselves.   

Unfortunately,  the very same problems that organizations are claiming to solve for the broader community are going unmet within their own value chain.    What most of these organizations don’t realize is that 42% of American households are facing a negative cash flow, have less than $400 in emergency savings, and are spending 25% of their income servicing high-interest consumer debt.  They are saving nothing for retirement because they simply can’t afford it.   The term for this household is ALICE, which stands for Asset Limited, Income Constrained but Employed and represents 35 million households in the US alone.   These families, while above the Federal Poverty line are nonetheless struggling to pay for basic needs, pay late and overdraft fees monthly, and are just struggling to survive.   If organizations are serious about solving the world’s biggest problems, they need to first become strategic in solving the biggest issues in their own value chains.  We believe that this is not selfish, but a strategic opportunity!  

The key to prospering communities worldwide is financial well-being for all.  

Money and the sustainability of the household budget is the one thing that all organizations have in common when it comes to community impact, no matter what industry they operate in or where they are located.   It’s the one thing that if solved at the root level, eliminates many of the symptomatic issues that we see in communities worldwide. In order to solve this problem, organizations need to be able to identify needs,  facilitate impact, measure the results and share the stories.  That is exactly why we created The Community Impact Fund.  To help organizations maximize their impact by meeting the real and immediate needs of their employees, members, customers, and community!  

By creating financial well-being and solving for the individual household budget, organizations will free people from the bondage of their money.   It will put households in control of their day-to-day and month-to-month finances, give them the ability to absorb financial shocks, have the financial freedom to make choices that allow them to enjoy life, and be on track to meet their financial goals.  It will make for more engaged employees, who show up to work each day willing and able to give their best.  And finally, if enough organizations do their part it will make for prospering communities worldwide!

This is your invitation to impact!  

Let us show you how a partnership with The Community Impact Fund can help you maximize your own impact!   

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