Done for you Video Stories

3 Video Options:


1. Employer Partnership Story
By partnering with the Community Impact Fund, you’re helping to create financial well-being for all of your employees & maximize your community impact. It’s a powerful story, and it’s one worth telling.
To tell your employer partnership story, we’ll use Cinebody, a remote video production software. The Cinebody team will send you a video project to access via your smartphone. Simply film yourself answering 5-8 questions, and then capture some footage of your office, your day-to-day, company gatherings, and anything else that highlights the initiatives that you’ve taken in your partnership with the Community Impact Fund.
Once your footage is submitted, the Cinebody team will then produce a video highlighting your employer story for you to then share anywhere you choose. It’s authentic, polished, and a great way to show your community how you “Do Well” by “Doing Good.”
2. Employee Impact Story
Partnering with the Community Impact Fund helps engage with and create financial well-being for your employees. Since 42% of American households are struggling financially, telling an employee story can have great impact both within your organization, and beyond.
We’ll use Cinebody in the same manner as the employer story, but will focus on your employees. Our team will reach out to loan recipients accordingly to gauge interest and participation, providing compensation for any who choose to film. Once identified, the Cinebody team will provide a selection of questions to answer and footage to capture so that they can tell a personal & authentic story that feels true to the employee, and also demonstrates the benefits that they received from the loan.
Once the Cinebody team produces the video, we’ll then share it with you for review & distribution as well as highlight it on our website to help expand the reach of what the Community Impact Fund can help other organizations accomplish.
3. Employee Impact Story (Anonymous)
We understand the importance of anonymity with our loan recipients. In some cases, your employees may want to tell their impact story, but don’t want to reveal who they are. That’s why we’ve created our anonymous story videos.
Similar to the employee impact story, we’ll develop 5-8 interview questions for your employee to answer. But instead of filming their answers, they will write their answers in a testimonial format. We’ll then either have someone from your organization or from the Community Impact Fund film themselves reading the testimonial out loud. In tandem, we’ll request that the employee film applicable footage that reinforces some of the points they wrote in their testimonial but doesn’t identify who they are.
Once all footage has been recorded and uploaded, the Cinebody team will then produce the video to tell the employee impact story. If needed, they’ll incorporate any stock footage to add visual references to what is being said.