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Your Neighbors Need Your Help!

Did you know that over 50 million families in America are currently struggling with hunger?  And that 1 in 5 children are going to go hungry tonight.  Your neighborhood, regardless of how wealthy, is not immune to the problem of poverty.

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The Best Way to Help Your Neighbors

It’s difficult to actually make a difference in our communities.  Not because we don’t want to, but because we don’t know how.   And it doesn't help that many of our communities' biggest problems are being hidden from us!  With a Community Impact Fund of your own, you can finally make a difference in your neighborhood!  Setup your account today!


How it Works


Earn Instant Cash Back

Simply by shopping at your favorite restaurants and stores you are able to make a difference in the lives of families and organizations in YOUR local neighborhood.

Cash back

Grocery Shopping

Earn cash back simply by shopping at your local grocery store


Earn cash while shopping for your favorite items at local retailers

Coffee Shops

Earn cash while sipping your mocha or vanilla latte

Auto Shops

Earn cash for getting your oil changed and your tires rotated


Earn cash while eating out at your favorite local restaurants

Online Shopping

Earn cash at hundreds of online eCommerce stores by buying the things you need

Your Impact

Grow Your Impact Fund

Your cash goes automatically to your own personal impact fund, often times in less than 10 seconds.   This is cash that you can use to impact your own neighborhood.  Cash that you can use to help your community meet its basic needs and to solve its most pressing problems.  You are in complete control of how these funds get deployed into your community and then you get the opportunity to see the exact use of funds as well as the impact that was generated.

Use Your Impact Fund

to Help Families In Your Own Community

Families Apply for Support

Families Apply for Support

Families in your community can privately and anonymously apply for support in a number of key areas where many families struggle financially.

Families Get a Credit

Families Get a Credit

Based on their need, these families are issued a cash credit that can be used to acquire specific products that help them improve their financial situations.

Families Needs Are Met

Families Needs Are Met

By helping to meet the basic needs of the community, you are personally responsible for putting everyone in a position to not just get by, but to thrive!

Basic Needs

The Basic Needs Fund

Nobody should go without their basic human needs being met.

With the Basic Needs Fund we can provide the community with healthy food, clothing, basic household needs and help with their utilities.

The Care Fund

We all have the right to care for our loved ones.

With the Care Fund, we are able to support the community in providing Healthcare, Therapy Services such as PT or Speech, Childcare for their kids and Senior care for our aging population.

Care Fund
Growth Fund

The Growth Fund

Some times it just takes a little help to get moving in the right direction

With the Growth Fund, we are able to help our community provide the best eduction and opportunities to succeed.    We help the community with basic school needs, scholarships and grants to take your career to the next level.

The Transportation Fund

Often times its the simple things like transportation that get in our way

We don't think that anyone should miss an opportunity to better themselves simply because they don't have a ride... we can help!

Transportation Fund

A Role for Everyone

The platform is designed specifically to help communities thrive. In order to do this there must be a roll for individuals, families, community organizations and local businesses.



Download the App

Just click the download button and the app will be installed on your device

Don't worry, the App is totally free and you get to impact your own community just by shopping at local businesses!